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COLD ONES: The Inside Scoop Interviews | Ep. 6, Mark Kosoglow

Welcome to COLD ONES, it's the podcast with chilly questions and even colder ice cream.

In episode 6 of the COLD ONES Podcast, Chief Fun Officer of the Kosoglow Family Household (& former Chief Revenue Officer @ Catalyst) gives us a sneak peak into his family traditions growing up in Mississippi (yes, I spelled it using the song we all learned in school), the story behind hiring Outreach's OG SDR team in the middle of central Pennsylvania, and how Revenue Leaders can layer in customer referral strategies (customer-led growth) to achieve unbelievable LTV: CAC ratios

All that and much more while Mark & Collin crush a family size butter pecan ice cream 💙🍦

& stick around to hear Mark's Jerry Rice show sales story is a full Funnel Buyer Enablement platform that enables our customers to transform their internal demo sandbox into a no-login required, guard-railed, and guided demo experience so marketing, sales, and CS teams can enable buyers to buy the way they're demanding while still controlling the value story and getting all the buyer's intent analytics on the back end.

When our customers adopt ReachSuite, they see an immense ROI in reducing CAC, improving time to close, and increasing win rates.

ReachSuite empower sellers to win more deals, faster, by enabling buyers.

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