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COLD ONES: The Inside Scoop Interviews | Ep. 10, Phil Harrell

In episode 10 of the COLD ONES Podcast, CRO of JW Player, Phil Harrell , gets granular on when and how to segment your TAM to better serve their needs, interests, and overall customer acquisition cost ... 

Phil also dives deep into how he passionately leans on automation and lower cost regions to achieve a 3:1 LTV: CAC ratio during these times of hyper-efficiency 

All that and much more in this episode of COLD ONES: The Inside Scoop Interviews. is a full Funnel Buyer Enablement platform that enables our customers to transform their internal demo sandbox into a no-login required, guard-railed, and guided demo experience so marketing, sales, and CS teams can enable buyers to buy the way they're demanding while still controlling the value story and getting all the buyer's intent analytics on the back end.

When our customers adopt ReachSuite, they see an immense ROI in reducing CAC, improving time to close, and increasing win rates.

ReachSuite empower sellers to win more deals, faster, by enabling buyers.

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