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Chapter 3 - Why current solutions let us down

🤯 These days, it feels like buyers put you in a Lose / Lose ...

If you’re sticking around for chapter 3, you know that companies are desperately for ways to achieve modern buyer demands WHILE maintaining control of the value story.

Why current solutions let us down (and the next generation of self-guided product tours)

Today, there’s 2 primary ways companies go to market:

1️⃣ .. Sales led growth (SLG)

2️⃣ .. Product led growth (PLG *buzz word* )

YET with both motions, companies still miss the mark.

"How? Why? What else could we do?" they plead

Here's the reason these motions are letting your buyers down, and thus, resulting in missed targets

Companies who choose PLG:

🤑 SUCCEED at achieving modern buyer’s demand

💣 FAIL at controlling the value story, thus a majority of PQLs churn and never get to a paid, value realization stage

Companies who choose SLG, inversely:

🤑 SUCCEED at maintaining control of the value story

💣 FAIL at achieving modern buyer demands, thus 90% of demos stop there never converting

What if there was a 3rd door?

A hybrid option

What if there was an option that took the BEST parts of SLG and married them with the most EFFICIENT parts of PLG?

What KPIs would improve?

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