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Chapter 2 - Can Self-Guided Product Tours Help with Evolved B2B Buyer Demands

⏪ Last week we introduced the modern buyer. Remember the one who ...

... searches before asking, plays before demoing, tries before buying

And this modern buyer shows up in a whole new way:

self-guided product tours can help with evolving b2b buyer demands

1️⃣ 83% of B2B buying journey is completed before the seller ever knows the prospect exists (Gartner, 2023)

2️⃣ 70% of B2B prospects prefer self-serve demos vs. live demos (Trustradius, 2022)

3️⃣ 76% of B2B customers prefer self-serve help vs. live help (Zendesk, 2022)

And to drill down even further, this new behavior pattern is punishing commercial KPIs every single day 📉

Demand Gen leaders, where you at ????? We know you live this nightmare every day

For every 100 web visitors, what % raise their hand?

2% 😩

For every 100 demos, what % convert?

20% 🤬 (*and that’s the gold standard … most orgs sit at 5-10%)

Our 🌎 has evolved.

To win. No. To SURVIVE, one must evolve with it.

So .. how are companies desperately scrambling to keep up? ... maybe self-guided product tours can help ;)

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