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Chapter 1 - The world shift impacting software buying and selling (hint: people want product tours)

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Email subject line with Gong link: “THEY DON’T WANT TO MEET WITH US”... “THEY JUST WANT TO PLAY W OUR PRODUCT !!!!!! ”

ReachSuite Chapter 1: People want Product Tours
ReachSuite Chapter 1: people want product tours

A year ago,'s co-founder, Collin, was leading a sales team when they started complaining about a buyer change he knew nothing about ...

... they claimed people didn’t want to hop on demos, they wanted to do their own independent research and play with the product.

🤔 Were these excuses for a down quarter OR a larger trend starting to bubble up?

Collin flew to SaaStr 2022 and learned this wasn’t a him problem, it was a world shift caused by:

1️⃣ 75% of the US workforce are digital-native millennials who demand self-serve, on-demand buying (Pew, 2022)

2️⃣ We’ve 4x’d our Enterprise Software spend to $900B / year in the US alone (Wow, you buy a lot of software)

3️⃣ E-commerce has cemented itself as the de facto standard for buying anything - personal or professional

ReachSuite Chapter 1: people want product tours
ReachSuite Chapter 1: people want product tours

These 3 forces have compounded, creating THE modern buyer.

👋 Say hello, be nice, meet your modern buyer

They search vs. ask, play vs. demo, try vs. buy (again ... 🤯 )

The result?

>>> Companies are desperate for ways to achieve modern buyer demands while maintaining control of the value story <<<

“Yeah, not me pal. My buyer loves my demos!” …

... ok friend, chat more in our next post ❤️🍦


There is a world shift clashing in front of us: 75% of the workforce are digital native millennials, the US has 4x’d enterprise software spend since 2019 spending $900B per year, and e-commerce has become the de facto standard for buying anything - personal and professional. The result of these world shifts is that 83% of the buyer’s journey is done before a company ever knows the prospect exists (Gartner, 2023). More specifically, 70% of B2B buyers prefer a self-serve demo and 67% of B2B customers prefer self-serve help over live representatives. Self-service software is becoming the expectation for all companies - that’s a fact. And in turn, companies are desperate for ways to achieve buyer’s demands while maintaining control over their value story.

We are a buyer experience platform for teams who sell, market, or support software products. By combining each prospect or customer’s content consumption, firmographic, persona, and product usage data, we automatically generate personalized self-guided product tours that address that user’s exact needs.

The result: growing your revenue while reducing customer acquisition costs.

ReachSuite is Powering the World’s Transition to Self-Serve Buying.

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