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Buyer Enablement & Demo Automation Vendor Evaluation Criteria List (excel)

There's a lot of buyer enablement and demo automation vendors out there saying the same thing, yet it's no surprise that when you ask them to prove it or to demo customer examples with functionality those vendors claim to have ... crickets. silence. nothing.

Wherever there's a hot market with a lot of potential, bad players flock to try and cash out.

Most of these vendors are half baked solutions with only a fraction of the functionality they claim.

Or worse, their technology can't actually be used in the use-cases they claim it can be.

Demo Automation Sub-Categories:

Before you get into the nitty gritty evaluation criteria details, ensure the vendor you're meeting with has the right tech stack to support your actual use case. Here's the 3 sub-categories you'll find in demo automation and buyer enablement broken down by key differences.

Buyer Enablement checklist

Buyer Enablement as a Holistic, Revenue Growth Strategy:

For a deeper look on implementing buyer enablement as a cornerstone strategy across your full buyer's journey, check out this article, "Buyer Enablement: What is it and What is the Buyer Enablement Process?"

To make a long story short, as you evaluate various vendors, weed out fakers with the "Prove It Test" - simply put, when they make a claim that customers are using the technology for a use-case outside of the ones above, ask them to prove it with a customer example an success story. This will help you filter out fact from fiction.

Buyer Enablement checklist

Buyer Enablement Platform Evaluation Criteria:

We asked 10 customers to send us their internal evaluation criteria list they formed when making a decision / purchase. From here we consolidated these lists for you. Give this excel a download and use it as a baseline guide when evaluating multiple vendors head to head.

After all, a bad purchase decision could set you and your company back more than one may be able to afford.

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