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Interactive Product Demos at 1,000 Person HR SaaS Platform | Increasing GRR while Decreasing Support Costs

One of our customers, a 1,000 person HR SaaS provider who is the recruiting automation leader the recently acquired another company that offers virtual and in-person event management technology. Training the large amount of people who will staff the events, at scale, in the format that works for them is challenging. They needed hands on interactive training for critical components of this new technology. Videos and PDFs weren’t meeting the needs of the end users, which led to adoption issues and high support ticket volumes. 

This company worked with ReachSuite to create end-to-end experiences of two features that resulted in a large amount of support tickets and saw a support ticket volume decrease by 50%. One of the features no longer had any support tickets for users who have seen the experience. These are two of the five most critical areas end-users need to understand for healthy adoption.

The customer deployed the experiences within their Learning Management System and have documented an extremely high satisfaction rating. They have even received direct emails saying how helpful their interactive experiences have been from customers.

Also, the customer sent these experiences to their customer base via a Customer Success Platform and have incorporated them into their new end-user training programming.

This has all led to improved adoption, health scores which contributes into GRR and support cost savings.

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