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Chapter 4 - Achieving modern buyer demands while maintaining control of the value story

Achieving modern buyer demands while maintaining control of the value story

🏡 > ☁️ ... Where Re/Max & Keller Williams' Agents Crush SaaS leaders

Look, I’m no real estate agent, BUT I do know why staged homes sell 2x as fast for 2x as much

Staging your home taps into buyer’s imagination, showing the possibilities of what COULD be if this home was yours.

➡️ Marrying context (the layout and design of the room) with content (the 4 walls)

What if, regardless of your go to market motion

~ PLG or SLG ~

You drop buyers in the perfect world

allowing them to play around with the fullest version of your platform

🧚🏻‍♀️ where the integrations are magically hooked up

🧚🏻‍♀️ the data is rich and flowing ..

.. almost like they had already been living in this perfect world for months.

Then you could tell the perfect value story solving their EXACT need because in this world, the buyer gets to choose their own adventure

Kinda like a staged home … the agent doesn’t put you on a linear path like it’s a roller coaster

If you want a big backyard, you’re free to go see the patio furniture laid out

AND if you want a basement … walk down the decorated stairway and see the big TV and Peloton

NO feature dumping. NO guesswork.

Now, the seller gets all the data on how they explored your platform

AND curated, insightful recommendations for sales, marketing, product, and customer success on what you need to do next + WHY

💰 Sales gets a cheat sheet on their interests

💰 Marketing / Product gets never before seen Voice of Prospect analytics

💰 CS gets to demo new features and product launches instantly at scale

Just like that staged home … what if you could stage your product and tell the perfect story for their exact need.

All while they lurked anonymously on your website

Yeah … what if … ;)

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