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COLD ONES: The Inside Scoop Interviews | Ep. 13, David Yockelson

In episode 13 of the COLD ONES Podcast, Distinguished VP & Gartner Fellow at Gartner , David Yockelson , outlines the infamous Gartner study evidence that 83% of the buyer's journey is completed alone (holy smokes!!) and where he thinks B2B Buying will be in the not so distant future.

David also dives deep into the interactive demo category - including it's origin, competition, and key differentiators than make a difference when evaluating these solutions.

All that and much more in this episode of COLD ONES: The Inside Scoop Interviews.


Backed by world-famous investors & executives at the largest software companies like IBM, DocuSign, and Adobe, ReachSuite is a Fully Functional Automated, Interactive Product Demo Platform that powers our customers to transform their internal demo tenant into a no-login required, guard-railed, and guided demo experience. Revenue teams across the full buyer’s life cycle - marketing, sales, sales engineering, and CS - rely on ReachSuite’s platform to provide on-demand discovery questionnaires, demos, and trial sandboxes. When our customers adopt ReachSuite, they see an immense ROI in reducing CAC, improving time to close, and increasing win rates.

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