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Buyer Enablement at Ambition | Crushing Historic Pipeline Performance in 1 Month

Updated: Mar 5

Buyer Enablement Success Snapshot

For months Ambition has known they need to generate a specific lead number which translates into the robust pipeline, yet for some reason, they flat lined month over month. Finally, after speaking to a few prospects and hearing their frustration about needing to meet live to see a zoom demo, they realized that they were losing a ton of demand top of funnel to old school “request a demo” call to actions.

ReachSuite's Buyer Enablement at Ambition

They knew they must automate this process in order to capture the modern buyer’s demands. The result was record breaking, literally! Within 1 month of implementing buyer enablement focused demo automation, Ambition saw

pipeline ARR hockey stick 56%. It was clear they tapped into their prospect’s demands.


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