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Founding Engineering Tech Lead


Wouldn’t it be great if every product had an interactive demo you could play around with before you purchased it, without having to sign up for an account or talk to a salesperson? Companies are desperate for ways to engage with champions, influencers, and customers without pushing them into unwanted and expensive sales calls.


At ReachSuite, we are embarking on an exhilarating journey to redefine how product experiences are conveyed and shared. Situated at the crossroads of innovation and user-centric design, we're on a quest for engineers like you, who embody a deep-seated knowledge of the web ecosystems and are eager to delve into a startup environment. Here, your knack for doing really fun things in the browser will form the foundations in helping craft our next-generation product experience builder.


Together, we will build incredible lifelike product experiences that delight prospects, tell compelling stories, and close deals for our customers.


Your impact


You will build the technology that every software buyer will know and use. Your solutions will directly impact buyer journeys, product documentation, and product onboarding for hundreds of thousands of users. They will run within the front pages of thousands of top tier products.


You’ll be writing TypeScript code to build new features, analyzing JavaScript engine behaviors, as well inspecting customer applications to identify new features.


As the technical manager, you’ll be managing the core development team, hiring three to five individuals, and providing technical leadership for critical features.  Additionally, you’ll be exploring opportunities to bring generative ML to the product experience space.

A bit more about us


  • Founded in 2022 by Collin (CEO), who has run revenue for Velano and Global Growth at

  • Funding. We are venture backed with at least 2 years of runway, and have been bootstrapping for the past 10 months.

  • Life. We have lives, and expect you to have one too. We recognize the need for work/life balance, to take care of our families and community, and 100% embrace remote work.

  • Diversity. We embrace diversity and are actively seeking folks from all walks of life. 

  • Customer obsession. We are obsessed with product and customer experience.

  • Stack. Our product uses: AWS, PostgreSQL, TypeScript, Node, React, a Chrome Extension, and a whole bunch of tricks and hacks!


A bit more about you


  • 7+ years of professional software development experience in front end and browser-based technologies.

    • ​You are a Full Stack Engineer leaning a little more towards Front End​

  • Tools. Fluency in JavaScript, TypeScript, and React.

  • Approach. The discipline to stay on track while remote, but still be part of the team. Does well in a structured, product sprint based methodology.

  • Leadership. Experience developing a high functioning organization in a fast paced environment.

  • Deep Browser Technology & Network Traffic Expertise. Strong knowledge across the front-end, from CSS to Javascript to networking and security. You should be intimately familiar with how software is written in the browser.

  • Extras. This is a startup, be prepared to think on your feet and out of the box.

  • Location. You live anywhere in North American and can work +2 hours within EST


What we offer


  • Remote first philosophy, with reimbursement of coworking space if desired.

  • Competitive pay.

  • Stock options reflecting your early contributions in shaping the company.

  • Comprehensive health benefits.

  • Generous parental and family leave.

  • Unlimited vacation & PTO 

  • 401k for US-based employees.

  • Annual company offsite.


Interview process


Interviewing is hard, and we’re always looking for ways to improve our process.  Here’s what it will look like:


  • (30-45 minutes) An introduction call with Collin (CEO) over Zoom.

  • (1-3 hours) A take-home code review project.

  • (1 hour) Technical Evaluation Interview

Total Time: 4-5 hours across multiple days, going as fast or as slow as you would like.

Join the Team

This Role Has Been Filled.
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